3D Rendering, animations, laser scanning and rapid protoyping

3D Rendering, Animations, Printing, Laser Scanning and Rapid Prototyping

3D rendering allows for exciting, flexible and creative presentations without ‘real world’ physical constraints and costs.

We can easily produce stunning still images and moving animation from the models created. ‘Walk-throughs’ are a great way to market a project and help others visualise the outcome of your work.

3D printing is new and exciting technology. Whilst a relatively simple advancement, the potential for what it can do for the world of business is immeasurable. You can print a full-colour, life-size prototype for your customers to hold in their hand and reduce errors at the design stage, without spending money on traditional prototyping and tooling costs.

We use 3D scanning for a wide variety of applications, including reverse engineering, prototyping and industrial design.

If you want to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly, we can help you achieve your objective through rapid prototyping.


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